About USAdvantagePlans

USAdvantagePlans is the consumer memberships division of the American Advantage Association. The American Advantage Association has been serving its Member Companies and individual members with valued services since 1982.

USAdvantagePlans is committed to enhancing the overall quality of its member's lives. We deliver the highest level of service to our members as a trusted consumer advocate. Our member benefits and services provide members with savings and discounts; lifestyle conveniences; information and advice; and protection benefits. We provide benefit plans that are applicable and affordable for all U.S. consumers regardless of their age or economic status. Our members enjoy benefits that enhance their every day and major purchasing experiences, entertainment activities, travel experiences, automotive and household issues, financial, legal and identity protection concerns as well as their health and wellness concerns.

Our benefit plans are conveniently available to all U.S. residents through our website at www.usadvantageplans.com. We are so confident in the quality and affordability of our benefit plans that all members are provided with a 30 day trial period during which they may use the benefits and cancel their membership for any reason and receive a full refund.

USAdvantagePlans is also committed to enhance the overall community and we proactively seek opportunities to financially support numerous charitable causes and community activities. To this end, we have developed specific solutions to assist community organizations raise funds by giving back a significant portion of member fees to further their cause. As an additional way to enhance the overall community, we have also developed solutions for local employers that enable them to provide their employees with the benefits of membership as a unique employee benefit enhancement.

At USAdvantagePlans, our greatest asset is our members and our greatest concern is their satisfaction. We are committed to being consumer advocates for our members and enhancing the overall quality of their lives.