Benefit Programs

As an AAMA member, these discounted Benefit Packages are available to you through USAdvantage Plans.

Benefit Plans providing savings, convenience and security benefits

USAP Savings Rewards


With USAdvantagePlans Savings, you receive access to shopping and entertainment discounts from thousands of local and national vendors, low price guarantees, extended service protection on many of the items you purchase, travel discounts, full service travel assistance, travel protection benefits, and access to a comprehensive online health and wellness solution.

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USAP Travel Rewards


Enhancing the overall quality of it member's lives by providing discounts, convenience, information and protection benefits & services in the areas of entertainment; everyday & major purchases; travel; home living and health & wellness benefits & service.

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USAP Rx Rewards


As a member of the Rx Plan, you will receive all of the Savings benefits, plus the Discount Prescription APS 4-Tier Benefit! With programs like MyeWellness, you can stay healthy and active, and with discounted Rx prescriptions, your body will feel fit and energized. Other benefits include a Full Service Travel Agency and Extended Service Protection.

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USAP Home Rewards


Under the Homeowners Assistance Plan, you will have access to a multitude of benefits such as a Home Deductible Reimbursement Benefit, and an Early Mortgage Payoff Plan. Home Disaster Benefits include Emergency Cash, Rent or Mortgage Reimbursement, and Emergency Lodging.

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USAP Wellness Rewards


Dental, Vision, Laboratory Testing, and Imaging are only a few of the medical benefits included in the Wellness Plan. Discount medical services pair with accessible professionals and resources to create an easy package aimed at improving your health and wellness. Prescription discounts are also included, along with 24/7 access to medical consultations via the Consult A Doctor benefit.

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USAP Legal Plus Rewards


With the Legal Assistance Plan, members receive security benefits and insurance such as Identity Theft Restoration and Insurance Benefits, Lost or Stolen Credit Card Assistance, and Warranty Registration. Taxes will become less overwhelming with the help of the Tax Preparation and Advice Benefit, and you will also have access to a Financial Hotline.

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USAP Premier Rewards


Premier Plan offers benefits from all categories of insurance and discounts, ranging from Online Comparison Shopping and Travel Protection Benefits to Discount Vision and Home Disaster Benefits. The most widespread plan available, the Premier Plan covers Auto, Home, Legal, and Medical Benefits for its members.

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